The Ultimate Flat Packed Storage Container

The secure XPandaStore is a flat packed steel storage unit you can use anywhere. A portable space, so no cranes or lifting gear required. Simply carry the portable storage containers to site and construct – no specialist tools needed, everything for assembly is included. You will only need a socket set (13mm & 19mm) and a screwdriver to assemble. Ideal for locations where access is restricted. So, if you are looking for storage containers near me, look no further.
The XPandaStore can be enlarged by adding further units to the original at any time by using our unique linking system.

The optional crane lifting kit enables the XPandaStore to be moved in its assembled form with a 1.5 tonne load on board.


Completely Man-Portable

The panels for our unique flat packed container are built tough to endure constant use, yet they’re conveniently lightweight, allowing for easy transport to previously hard-to-reach locations. It’s the perfect blend of strength and portability!

Simple Tools Required

19mm & 13mm Sockets

To securely tighten the internal fixings into place, joining all panels to the chassis

Phillips Head Screwdriver

Needed to fit the double locking system into the door panel

Tea & Coffee

While you stand and bask at your new flat packed storage container.

Rounded Die-Cast Aluminium Corners

Our storage containers get their signature look from these aluminium corners. Although they are indeed harder wearing and better against collisions, its also part of the integral gutter system that functions without fault by dispersing water to all four corners

Reinforced Doors and Wall Panels & Double Locking system

Unlike most other flat pack containers, all of our buildings come as standard with a double thickness reinforced door, and reinforced double folded wall panels to deter even the most determined thief. On top of that, you’ll also get a double locking system with separate locks, adding another layer of security.

Infinitely Modular

(Really, you can link as many as you want!)

Another great thing about our flat packed containers and cabins is that they can be linked side to side, or end to end to create more space as you need it. By using our system, you can make nearly any square meterage space you need.

Time-Efficient Installation: We not only provide modular solutions but also take the hassle out of installation. Our delivery and installation services ensure a smooth and time-efficient setup process.

Future-Proof Design: As your requirements evolve, our modular and linkable buildings evolve with you. This future-proof design ensures that your space remains adaptable over time.

Simple Assembly

Assembly of XPandaStore is quick, easy and efficient. Requiring only simple tools to construct, it means your new flat pack container will be usable in next to no time.


Generally, we say that 2 people should be able to install the XPandaStores with relative ease. That being said, if theres extra hands available it’ll make the job much easier!

Our units are designed to be placed on simple ‘pad’ foundations. These can be paving slabs at the corners of the unit, or timber sleepers. We are happy to advise you on your particular project.

You will not normally require planning permission as our buildings are classified as Temporary Structures. If you are unsure, we always advise you to contact your local planning authority.

Delivery costs depend on your postcode + type of building being delivered. You can find out how much delivery would cost by visiting our shop and doing a ‘mock order’, then entering your delivery details.

Yes, we have a team of professional installers who are able to assemble your flat pack building quickly and efficiently.

We normally deliver our buildings on a multidrop lorry with a hiab (crane). if you are unable to accept this method, we can also offer delivery on a small flatbed vehicle, which will be offloaded manually.

Technical Specifications

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