Following many years of designing, distributing and wholesaling man-portable buildings for the global market under the Bull Trading brand,  Panda Buildings was formed to bring our unique range of products directly to the end user in the UK. This enables us to offer a professional  ‘hands on' approach and gather more direct feedback from our customers, as we continually strive to improve our products.

We are a family business with over 30 years of experience in the flat pack building industry. Our customers are valued clients who can be assured of the highest standards of service and product support.

Panda Buildings is a trading name of Bull Trading Limited. 

Company Registration No. 08835287. VAT Registration No. 156829278

Our Panda team:

The Panda team

We’re a small team dedicated to providing the best portable buildings to the UK market.

Panda One - Andy

Our spiritual leader, designer of the original XPandaStore Mark I, II, III and IV versions. A font of all knowledge on everything that is Xpanda.

Baby Panda - Charlie

Fully trained in the ways of the XPandaBuildings and although easily distracted by guitars and well pretty much anything… his focus is very much on the chewy matter of Portable Buildings and how we can continue to improve them.

Panda Three - Sarah

Sarah’s purpose is to bring order and efficiency to our friendly family business, one meticulously labelled folder at a time, helped by her secret life as a stationery aficionado and her remarkable gift for making chaos appear like a piece of beauty. Sarah is here to illustrate that with a little imagination and a lot of bright sticky notes, everything is possible. She’s the eccentric glue that ties our Panda Buildings family together.

Panda Four- Jan

Admin and accounts make Jan smile. We don’t know why, but at least she’s happy!

Panda Five - Mark

Fully trained in the art of flat pack building installation, Marks main diet is sweeties, (whilst not sharing them) leaving bamboo chewing to his cousins.

Panda Six - Nick

Standing at just under seven foot tall, Nick doesn’t need a ladder for most installation jobs, preferring to slip into his stilletos for the really difficult to reach nuts & bolts 🙂

Panda Seven - Bertie

Our meet & greet specialist has perfected the art of eating the inedible, sitting in any free chair in the office (even if it’s left unattended for 30 seconds) and making sure he’s the centre of attention at all times. Seen here wearing his panda hat, we’re trying to get him to wear it without eating it, but after two years we’ve pretty much given up.