The XPanda Bikestore is a unique flat pack storage unit you can use anywhere. Thanks to its robust galvanised steel construction, you can rest assured that your pride and joy stays safe and dry, while only taking up a small 1.4m x 2.5m footprint.

All components of the BikeStore are man-portable and can be carried through narrow passageways, stairs, or even through your house, opening up previously inaccessible places. The beauty of its construction lies in its simplicity; you will only need a  socket set and a couple of pairs of hands to assemble the unit.


Ventilation to fight Condensation

Our BikeStore boasts efficient and reliable ventilation to battle against condensation in your building, ensuring your valuable goods stay in the best condition possible. The XPanda BikeStore features 8 vents, plus natural ventilation from the roof.

Anchor Points

Our XPanda Bikestore is equipped with two anchor points as standard. These anchor points are joined to the galvanised steel beams under the chassis of the building, providing an additional layer of protection while securing your motorcycle/other goods.

18mm OSB 3 Flooring

OSB 3 is an engineered floor covering, constructed from strands of wood that are bonded together with resin. Stronger and more durable than plywood, it provides strength and resistance to moisture and warping.

Die Cast Aluminium Corners

Like most of our flat pack buildings and containers, the XPanda Bikestore also features our new and improved die-cast aluminium roof corners, which not only look great, they improve its functionality too. Some benefits of this are:

High strength and rigidity: Die-cast aluminium is very strong, making it ideal for applications where high performance is required.

Corrosion resistance: Die-cast aluminium is naturally corrosion resistant, so it can be used in applications where it will be exposed to the elements.

Recyclable: Die-cast aluminium is 100% recyclable, making it a sustainable material choice for construction.

Easy Assembly

Assembly of the BikeStore is quick and easy, only requiring basic tools to install it fully.  Installation should take around an hour with two people at a steady pace.

You’ll only need a socket set to assemble, or even a universal socket will do. We use an impact driver with 13mm & 19mm sockets for speed and ease.

Internal Fixings

Having internal fixings for any storage unit is a no-brainer, and thats no different in our XPanda BikeStore. This is an essential feature because:

Security: The entire building is assembled from the inside, this makes it extremely difficult for thieves to break into.
Aesthetics: Create a more streamlined and modern look for the building.
Maintenance: Less likely to rust or corrode than external fixings, reducing maintenance requirements.

High Security

The XPanda Bikestore is incredibly strong and secure, with a double locking system equipped with insurance-rated locks to BS3621. This can deter even the most determined thief and may reduce your insurance premium. The building is designed to give the highest protection to your pride and joy, featuring a reinforced steel door & frame, and reinforced wall panels.

-Peace of mind: Knowing that your bike is protected by insurance rated locks and reinforced walls will give you peace of mind, whether you’re leaving it in your BikeStore unit or out and about.

-Reduced insurance premiums: Many insurance companies offer discounts to customers who use insurance rated locks. So, not only will you be protecting your bike, you could also be saving money on your insurance premiums.

-Compliance with insurance requirements: Some insurance companies require their customers to use insurance rated locks in order to be covered in the event of a theft. By using an insurance rated lock from BikeStore, you can be sure that you are meeting your insurance company’s requirements.


Generally, we say that 2 people should be able to install the XPanda BikeStore with relative ease. That being said, if theres extra hands available it’ll make the job much easier!

Our units are designed to be placed on simple ‘pad’ foundations. These can be paving slabs at the corners of the unit, or timber sleepers. We are happy to advise you on your particular project.

You will not normally require planning permission as our buildings are classified as Temporary Structures. If you are unsure, we always advise you to contact your local planning authority.

Delivery costs depend on your postcode + type of building being delivered. You can find out how much delivery would cost by visiting our shop and doing a ‘mock order’, then entering your delivery details.

Yes, we have a team of professional installers who are able to assemble your flat pack building quickly and efficiently.

We normally deliver our buildings on a multidrop lorry with a hiab (crane). if you are unable to accept this method, we can also offer delivery on a small flatbed vehicle, which will be offloaded manually.

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