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The original idea for our flat-pack, man-portable buildings was formed from experiences in military tents during my fathers (Andy) time in the army in the 1980’s.

Tents were either very cold or very hot, depending on the weather, not to mention draughty and unsecure. There had to be a better way to accommodate personnel and goods, whilst keeping them man portable. They would often operate in locations with no heavy lifting gear and only basic tools. So, Andy started to work on new ways to improve on their current soft-walled structures.

Many years passed while the idea was being slowly developed!….

Various prototypes were tested, and finally in 2002, we launched the Mk1 XPandaStore. This single skin structure was the very first of its kind in the UK, and was designed for the storage of goods, and could be assembled in previously inaccessible locations. The concept was good, and multiple improvements have been made over the years to make it stronger and more secure.

It should be noted that some of our competition are still selling a copy the Mk1 XpandaStore under various brand names, so it has certainly stood the test of time. Almost 20 years old!

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The Original Mk.1 XPandaStore

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