Flatpack, man-woman-panda portable building

Flexible work space

Designed with expansion in mind...

XPandaCabin™ is a truly unique flatpack cabin office system, offering a wide range of innovative features that make it ideal for many uses and applications.

Since the portable office cabin was first launched in 2004, the entire structure has been improved not only aesthetically but the build quality and ease of use has been refined thoughout. A continuous programme of product impovement ensures that XPandaCabin™ leads the market and stays ahead of the competition.

The standard XPandaCabin™ has a fully insulated door, walls and roof, The kit includes one door and one uPVC double glazed window which can be sited anywhere in the building. The PVC floor covering ensures a long working life in any environment.

We now offer optional full length double glazed windows and doors for any of our portable cabins for sale. An integral roller shutter blind for the standard window is available to improve security where required.

Either Assembled or demounted the flatpack cabin, XPandaCabin™ can be lifted by crane and transported to a new destination.
A single portable office cabin will take approximately two hours to construct depending on your fitness level and ability. We recommend four people for an easy, stress free installation! If you would like us to install it for you, prices start at £450.00 + Vat including delivery to South East England.
Additional units can be added to the original to create larger areas of open plan space using our unique XPanda™ linking kit system.
We can design your cabin layout for you, please contact us with your requirements on: info@pandabuildings.com.

Hi Andy, The buildings are absolutely splendid, thank you for your work in installing them and arranging for their delivery etc. They have really added to the school, I am really proud of them! Well done!
Alan Bayford
Head Teacher - West Minster Primary School


Generally, we say that 2/3 people should be able to install the XPandaCabin with relative ease. That being said, if theres extra hands available for the portable office cabins it’ll make the job much easier!

Our units are designed to be placed on simple ‘pad’ foundations. These can be paving slabs at the corners of the unit, or timber sleepers. We are happy to advise you on your particular project.

You will not normally require planning permission as our buildings are classified as Temporary Structures. If you are unsure, we always advise you to contact your local planning authority.

Delivery costs depend on your postcode + type of building being delivered. You can find out how much delivery would cost by visiting our shop and doing a ‘mock order’, then entering your delivery details.

Yes, we have a team of professional installers who are able to assemble your flat pack building quickly and efficiently.

We normally deliver our buildings on a multidrop lorry with a hiab (crane). if you are unable to accept this method, we can also offer delivery on a small flatbed vehicle, which will be offloaded manually.

Assembly of the XPANDACABIN


  • Man-portable: No lifting gear or cranes required

  • Demountable: Dismantles into flat pack form quickly

  • Flexible: Available in a range of sizes with a range of accessories
  • Comfortable: Fully insulated, light and spacious

  • Complete: Everything required for assembly is in the kit.
  • Versatile: XPandaCabin™ can be used anywhere you can carry them!

  • Secure: New improved double locking system is standard

  • Simple: No specialist tools are required for assembly, just a socket set

  • Quick: Ready for use in around an hour

  • Robust: Latest version features thicker walls and improved overall sturdiness
  • Modular: XPandaCabins™ can be linked to create larger office areas

New Improvements

  • Improved security features and larger windows enhance appearance.
  • The door and frame have increased steel thickness.
  • The edges on the roof have been replaced with specially designed die-cast aluminium corners. This improves the appearance, strength, durability and protects the corners from knocks when moved from site to site.
  • Now fully stackable with the optional stacking/linking kit.
  • Unique flat-pack design means each XPandaCabin™ office is totally man-portable and can be carried to even the most inaccessible places and assembled in less than an hour.
  • The walls and roof are manufactured from galvanised steel ensuring long life.

Flatpack. Portable. Robust. Expandable.
Easy to Assemble.

Call PandaBuildings to find out more about the XPandaCabin on: 01795 701 131

XPANDACABIN™ Technical Specification


Portable Office


Sizes available: 2.3 / 3.3 / 4.3m (L) x 2.3 / 3.3 / 4.3m (W)

Protective powder coated green finish.

Prices start from £3,275.00 (plus VAT)

Numerous accessories available


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